Saturday, March 17, 2012

Akiyah Tisamoana Eva Allred-Broadus


This girl makes me so happy, we have to much fun together. Akiyah is my friend, my niece and my little sister. I love her so much, I love to tease her and cuddle her and play with her. I would do anything for those big brown eyes.

She loved painting, total focus and dedication as she painted. She was so infatuated with it. She started painting with definate colours and strokes and soon everything blended together to a pukey colour.
I wish she could have stayed here forever, she loved Idaho and I loved having her in Idaho. It was so fun having Brittany and Akiyah here, surreal really. There is nothing like having a sister, nobody understands you like your sister.
She has made such a beautiful daughter. I love them both!

haha I had to title this Akiyah's full name, whenever I use her full names she smiles at me and says; "Nooooooooooo, Akiyah Alllllred."

so here is "Akiyah Alllllred."

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